These are the 4 core PTC units required for level 2 (in addition to 2 elective units).

In the Former Prophets (Old Testament 2) we examine the experience of Israel from original conquest of the Land to her eventual exile, as recounted in the books of Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings. This period provides us with a glimpse of what it means for God’s people to live securely in God’s place, guided by his king and prophets and so informs how we understand the Kingdom of God and the New Testament promise of an eternal inheritance.

This study of Acts (New Testament 2) illustrates how the spread of the gospel in the early decades of the church was directed by the risen Christ. In particular, this subject shows how the spread of the gospel fulfilled the Old Testament expectations about God’s blessing the whole world through his people the Jews. Particular attention is paid to how the ministries of Peter and Paul took God’s plan to bless all people to a new stage.

Christ and His work (Doctrine 2) focuses on what we know about the identity of Christ and Christ he accomplished, especially on the cross. This includes introducing students to theological approaches to understanding how Christ’s humanity relates to his divinity, showing how understanding this is important for understanding what Christ did in his death and resurrection. Included in the investigation of the cross is an examination of the nature and effects of sin.

Early Church History covers the history of the church through its first five centuries, introducing students to the theological debates that ultimately led to the formal statements of Christian faith contained in the great creeds. This period also displays the many practical challenges the church faced as a minority population in a context that often presented Christians with a choice between holding to their faith and death.