There are 4 core PTC units required for level 3. Doctrine 3 is not yet online. (These core units are in addition to 2 elective units).

The Latter Prophets (Old Testament 3) introduces the ‘writing’ prophets God sent to Israel leading up to, during and after the exiles that Israel experienced. In the prophets students encounter a wide range of topics and literary styles. Prominent in this material are warnings about coming judgement and promises of future redemption and blessing, although a special emphasis is placed on the promise of a new covenant that finds its fulfilment in the gospel.

The Paul's Letters (New Testament 3) collects together Paul’s letters (other than Romans, which is covered separately) and introduces students to the distinctive language, theology and style of the Apostle to the Gentiles. It covers the wide range of theological issues found in Paul’s work such ethical guidance about proper Christian conduct, teaching on church leadership and governance, theological reflections on the nature of Christ and the expositions of the relationship of Law and grace.

Reformation Church History covers the history of the church during the period of the reformation. It introduces students to the late medieval religious context from which the reformation grew and draws attention to the theological importance of the reformation led by Martin Luther. It also covers the Catholic response to the reformation along with the connection between political and theological reform, especially in Switzerland and Tudor England.